Project Introduction

AWT Self preparation is positioned as a cloud platform for the national chain of Tibetan wine blocks , Focusing on the integration of the national trade circle of Tibetan wine assets through the block 。Linking the block chain mechanism to the Tibetan wine assets,Connecting Tibetan wine circle with investors and users ,Integrating the trade of Tibetan wine into the layout of the national "Digital Credit Society" ,And give full play to the important support of the trade of Tibetan wine to the economic development 。All the Tibetan wine owners and investors benefit from the chaining chain mechanism.


Wine product source authentication

The capital structure of the Tibetan wine circle is not built, and the shared trust mechanism is not constructed

The equity and efficiency of the sale of Tibetan wine products

Application scenarios

AWT Through deep strategic cooperation with the National Association of Tibetan wine ,A preliminary evaluation of the real and false identification of the Tibetan wine, the wind control and the income of the Tibetan wine assets,Fast trading of the ownership of the assets of the Tibetan wine and the right to return.

Project course


project feasible investigation


Drafting the AWT white paper


First open sale


Complete the chain chain chain of the core of the paltform


AWT1.0version test and formal input operation

Core team

Founder: Mo Chen

  • Hebei Wine Museum Director
  • Chairman of Hebei hengze Trading Company 
  • executive chairman of Hebei Tibetan wine collection Culture Association 

Adviser: Lang Zhang

  • President of the China Institute of market value strategy
  • Director General of the public company of China 
  • honorary president of the Institute for the development of the free trade zone 
  • vice president of the Training Committee of the Chinese Association for cultural management

Adviser: Xingwu Lu

  • Member of the Chinese liquor circulation association
  • Expert expert on liquor marketing in Jiangsu Province 
  • Lu Xingwu (Nanjing) dean of the real business school 
  • professional and lecturer marketing experts at Tsinghua University